Icon Descriptions


For Smartphone
Suitable for smartphone.(7)

For action camera

For Action Camera
Suitable for action camera.(7)

100 MB/s max read speed

Max Read Speed 100 MB/s
Indicates the maximum read speed. Noted on left is sample logo for 100MB/s (1MB/s=1,000,000 bytes/s). Indicating the best value obtained from our test environment, thus actual speed may vary by host device.

50 MB/s max write speed

Max Write Speed 50 MB/s
Indicates the maximum write speed. Noted on left is sample logo for 50MB/s (1MB/s=1,000,000 bytes/s). Indicating the best value obtained from our test environment, thus actual speed may vary by host device.

Temperature durability

Temperature Durability
Wide operating temperature -25 to 85℃ (without condensation).


IPX7(1) equivalent. Great companion to waterproof smartphones and cameras, prepared for unexpected water spillage.

X-ray proof

X-Ray Proof
ISO7816-1(2) equivalent. Not affected by Airport security check (X-ray check).

Shock proof

Shock Proof
Robust design withstanding the shock of 5-meter drop.(3)

ESD immunity

ESD Immunity
Resistant to electrostatic discharge (ESD) from the human body.(4)

Overheating/ignition prevention

Overheating/Ignition Prevention
If an overcurrent occurs inside a card, the electrical fuse will be cut in order to prevent overheat and ignition.(5)

Full HD video recording

For Full HD Video Recording
Suitable for Full HD video recording.

4K video recording

For 4K Video Recording
Suitable for 4K video recording.

8K video recording

For 8K Video Recording
Suitable for 8K video recording.

Android™ compaible

Android Compatible
Suitable for Android Devices
※The Android robot is reproduced or modified from work created and shared by Google and used according to terms described in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.

High endurance

Cumulative Recording Time (High Endurance)
Indicating cumulative recording time. Please refer to each product page for details.

High-speed continuous shooting

For High-Speed Continuous Shooting (UHS-II)
UHS-II interface allows a fast write speed of 100MB/s(6) minimum. Suitable for high-speed continuous shooting such as sports and wild birds.

  1. According to IPX7 standard, the product can function, after it is submerged quietly and left for 30minutes in static tap water at room temperature(15 °C to 35 °C)  and in depth of 1m.
  2. According to ISO7816-1 standard, the product can function, after contaminating this product on 0.1 Gy of X-ray.
  3. The product (only card) can function, after carrying out the gravity fall of this product (only card) from 5 m in height. (Based on KIOXIA Corporation's test results.)
  4. ESD test environment stipulated by IEC61000-4-2 150-pF energy storage capacitor, 330-Ω discharge resistor, ±15-kV air discharge.
  5. KIOXIA Corporation does not warrant that the function of the fuse in the card will be error free, nor does it warrant that any data stored on the card will remain accessible or uncorrupted. Turn off the device immediately in case the card overheats and/or emits a burning smell.
  6. 1 MB/s is calculated as 1,000,000 bytes/s.
  7. KIOXIA Corporation do not guarantee operation with all host devices.