Memory Products Manufacturer's Warranty Information

Current KIOXIA manufacturer’s warranty statement version for memory products valid for purchases from 20 February 2023:


Former KIOXIA manufacturer’s warranty statement versions for memory products:

Valid from 2 November 2018 until 19 February 2023: KIOXIA Manufacturer’s Warranty Statement for Memory Products (PDF : 102KB)/content/dam/kioxia/en-europe/personal/support/warranty/asset/KIE_ManufacturersWarrantyStatement_MemoryProducts_20181102_EN.pdf
Corresponding KIOXIA Manufacturer’s Warranty List for Memory Products (PDF : 299KB)/content/dam/kioxia/en-europe/personal/support/warranty/asset/KIE_ManufacturersWarrantyList_MemoryProducts_20181102_EN.pdf

Please note:

If you bought KIOXIA memory products from a shop, then statutory warranty claims may additionally apply but can only be made with that respective shop which sold you the memory products. Please contact such shop for information on potential repair procedures.