Latest NVMe SSDs from KIOXIA now available on Supermicro PCIe 4.0 server and storage platforms

KIOXIA CM6, CD6 series PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs qualified to accelerate application performance on next generation Supermicro systems

  • Düsseldorf, Germany, 24 February 2021

The transition to PCIe® 4.0 technology is in full swing, and KIOXIA Europe GmbH is leading the way forward. Today, the company announced that its lineup of CM6 and CD6 Series PCIe 4.0 NVM Express® (NVMe®) enterprise and data center solid state drives (SSDs) have gained compatibility approval with Super Micro Computer, Inc.'sYeni bir pencere açılacak. (Nasdaq: SMCI) PCIe 4.0-based platforms, including a wide range of enterprise-ready rackmount systems encompassing Ultra, WIO, BigTwin®, FatTwin®, SuperBlade®, 1U/2U NVMe all flash arrays, GPU accelerated systems, and Super Workstations.

Users are moving to NVMe SSDs to address heightening enterprise performance requirements. These drives are also seeing traction in the latest cloud-based data center architectures, plus various performance-centric and latency-sensitive applications. Growing demands for NVMe-based storage with PCIe 4.0 interfacing is driving this migration, and KIOXIA's high-capacity CM6 and CD6 SSD series are delivering the enhanced capabilities needed. These SSDs are highly optimized for read intensive applications. They have strong sequential and random performance parameters, plus industry-leading levels of power efficiency.

"While the attach rate of NVMe SSDs are continually increasing at server platforms, the most critical point is to ensure the functionality between the two," noted Paul Rowan, Vice President of the SSD Marketing & Engineering at KIOXIA Europe GmbH. "Our priority is to bring innovations to our customers ensuring that their data storage will perform as they would expect, we are very happy to work with suppliers like Supermicro to ensure proper operation and full interoperability."

A leader in developing systems for enterprise, data center and specialized compute and storage platforms, Supermicro works closely with technology partners to deliver the latest generation of cutting-edge solutions. "Our family of NVMe servers and storage offerings brings transformative capabilities over legacy SAS and SATA interconnects," said Vik Malyala, senior vice president, Supermicro. "Conducting extensive testing with KIOXIA allows us to deliver a complete solution that our customers can trust."


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