KIOXIA appoints Masaki Momodomi as chief technology officer

  • Düsseldorf, Germany, 29 January 2020

KIOXIA Holdings Corporation in Tokyo today announced the appointment of Masaki Momodomi as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) of KIOXIA, effective immediately. Mr. Momodomi fills the role of Former CTO Nobuo Hayasaka, who has been appointed as President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KIOXIA.

Mr. Momodomi has an accomplished background in the memory industry, bringing over 40 years of experience across roles at KIOXIA, Toshiba Memory and Toshiba Corporation. Following Toshiba Memory's separation from Toshiba Corporation, Mr. Momodomi was named director of Toshiba Memory, now KIOXIA's Institute of Memory Technology Research and Development. Previously, he served as director of Toshiba Corporation's Center of Semiconductor Research and Development.

A pioneer in the memory field, in 1987, Mr. Momodomi co-authored a dissertation on Toshiba's invention of NAND Flash memory, playing a vital role in the exponential growth of the now ubiquitous technology. Mr. Momodomi graduated from Kyushu University's Faculty of Engineering in Fukuoka, Japan.

"I have the utmost confidence in Mr. Momodomi's ability, insight and innovative mindset to lead KIOXIA's technological advancement," said Nobuo Hayasaka, President and CEO of KIOXIA. "His vast experience and expertise will help drive KIOXIA's legacy as an industry leader continuously at the forefront of memory innovation."

"I am honored to take on this leadership role, especially at such a pivotal time in the memory industry," said Mr. Momodomi. "With guidance from Dr. Hayasaka, I plan to lead KIOXIA forward to achieve our goal of growing our solid state drive business and of capitalizing on new markets, such as next-generation memory."