Toshiba Memory announces updated version of its official application for wireless SD card FlashAir W-04

More convenience provided with additional RAW data format support, auto save function and file type view filtering function

  • Düsseldorf, Germany, 21 December 2018

Toshiba Memory Europe GmbH has released version 4.3.1 of its official smartphone app for wireless SD Card FlashAir W-04. This new version includes additional RAW data format support[1], as well as the functions made available in previous v.4.3.0 such as Auto Save function for photos taken with a digital camera, file type display filtering function for photos, movies and RAW files, both of which were much requested by users.

By the Auto Save[2] function of the app, photos and videos are automatically transferred and saved to smartphone. Along with the existing method of manually choosing and transferring existing photos, this function expands the range of options available to users.

To improve the user experience, the Display Settings function enables easy-to-use filtering according to file types of photos (e.g. JPEG), movies (e.g. mp4), and RAW files. This option to limit the file type to display, makes user possible for smooth previewing and sharing of files.

The official app can be installed or updated via Google Play for Android or App Store for iOS:

Android Devices・Google Play: new window will open.
iOS Devices・App Store: new window will open.


[1] Additional RAW file formats supported for photo/video files include .X3f and .X3i
[2] Auto Save function is only available on FlashAir W-04 with app version 4.3.0 or later. Previous models of FlashAir do not support those functions.

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